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Portable Display Systems
Exhibit World produce stage sets and backdrops that will enhance the quality of various promotional and exhibition events and also help to focus the attention of delegates and visitors.

Whether you use one of our off-the-shelf packages or we design accustomed set for your event, the highest quality is ensured.

There are times when only a portable display system is suitable for a promotional event. Why not let Exhibit World help to ensure that your small display makes a big impact !
Your company can benefit from the experience we have gained from over 10 years in the business. We can supply the "hardware" - frames for pop-up or eight-panel displays, for sale or for hire.

We can also supply the "software" - the graphics that turn the basic frames into an eye-catching travelling advertisement for your company. Tell us your requirements and your budget - we'll supply a high-quality solution to your exhibition requirements.